5 Things I Learned From the 100 Hike Challenge

The 100 Hikes Challenge

I don’t usually like to brag (people who like to brag usually start with this sentence), but I finished the 100 Hike Challenge on the night right before my 40th birthday! See picture above and below for proof. And I brought my favorite hiking buddies if anyone ever needs confirmation.

And I’m going to brag even more and say this challenge took place during me getting COVID, switching to a new job, and just a very odd year (Sept. 2019 – Nov 2020).

How Did It Start And What Are The Guidelines

The idea of completing this challenge started from Hikers Babe. Did you know that you could be a babe and hike at the same time? 

The guidelines I used were very simple:

  • Must be on unpaved trail
  • Must be over one mile

And thats it. That’s easier than the Keto Diet.

Were There Any Challenges?

Yes there were a lot of challenges. And here they are:

  1. Finding the time to travel and complete these hikes
  2. Finding the hikes
  3. Keeping motivated
  4. Not being afraid of doing solo hikes while being a female in some secluded areas
  5. And mainly…the unknown.

But was it worth it? Did I grow? Did I learn?

Yes to all three.

What Did I Learn?

  1. Hikers are really really nice people. When passing them, they usually say Hi. So it’s good to say hi back.
  2. There are hiking trails everywhere if you just google it or use AllTrails. (Best app for hikers!) AllTrails shows at least 12,000 trails in Georgia alone. (Best Trails in Georgia)
  3. Wear hiking shoes and bring a pack and put your essentials in it (first aid, snacks, water). Even the pee funnel ladies (Amazon’s GoGirl). The weight of carrying something will soon disappear.
  4. There are no boring hikes but there are the unforgettable ones.  See above again. Aim for unforgettable hikes but enjoy the less scenic ones as well.
  5. Elevation sucks but it makes you strong. And with more experience, you will soon pass everyone going up those hills.

Above is the actual picture of the 100th hike completed at night at Stone Mountain. The view is amazing as usual.

So I definitely encourage anyone to try to challenge. There is no time limit. You’ll be amazed at where you can go and what you can do. I will post more descriptions of the different hikes I encountered above in the next couple of posts.