Instacart: Great Service But Be Prepared For The Extra Fees

I tested positive for Covid-19 a few weeks back. This was March 2020. Therefore, we limited going out as much as possible.

And because of that, I had to use Instacart. It was ridiculously difficult to convince myself to have someone else shop food for me.

And especially since I’m constantly trying to be “financially smart” (How I Became Financially Happy…) … I just couldn’t see spending an additional $13+ for someone to deliver and shop my groceries.


But my experience with them was delightful and positive.

To this day, I have used them twice. And each time, I spent over $100. Usually I spend about $50 a week. I’m pretty sure it also has to do with trying to splurge when stuck at home (Did I really need three boxes of cookies???).

Picking items out is super convenient. They have categories, search bar, last ordered items and more. This makes it super easy when you’re trying to follow a recipe.

The two “shoppers” I got assigned to mostly chose the correct items and would substitute if needed (for example, chicken drumsticks were out, etc.).

I would have to approve the substitutions by their app and I could see when the shopper picked up each item.

Also, having being able to see what your total is whenever you are shopping, is a “thrifty shoppers” dream!

Below is a sample of the two orders I made from Kroger:

Delivery turn around time was pretty awesome. Within 2-3 hours after my order, the groceries were on my porch and bagged neatly.

All the extra fees (see below) are a turn-off, but hey….they’re a business and they have to make money too.

I definitely would use them again if we are still in quarantine but I also miss shopping for sales!