First Day Working From Home And We (+Pink Slime+Hair) Went Viral!

What started off as a normal hectic day – went into crazy mode right at 11am.

While I was working my 1st day from home due to the Coronavirus, I selfishly handed Savi a can of Mega Flarp Noise Putty (purchased by her godfather – who probably did not know at the time what it would lead to) and I went back to my work conference.

Lo and behold, not less than 10 minutes later, she decides to put it in her hair, as a hat. Of course I’m half looking and smiling at the time, because hey it’s cute and PINK! And then when she tries to take it off, I try to help and realize the severity and humor in our situation.

When gloom finally sets in and I realize that it’s pretty stuck in there, the panic begins. I call the hubs at work and he says he’s working and to google help (*insert eye roll).

Finally, I post her picture on FB to see what options there are (cause I’m surely not the first mom to get into this) and the picture goes viral! I share it on my fave work group Work Related Memes and More and it goes even more viral. It’s currently over 4,000 likes and over 5,000 shares. And it’s on Reddit too. Those suckers give some fierce comments. I can’t read it much unless I want to give away my kid or something.

Anyway, lesson learned. Never give your kid slime or fart putty and turn away. We got most of it with running her head thru cold water (while she’s yelling at me that I’m getting her shirt wet…really?) and we had to cut out the rest so that she has a mini mohawk. Hey it’s not like she’s going anywhere during this quarantine!

Thank you Ranker for putting her on your list of “Parents In Quarantine Are Sharing How Hilariously Stupid Their Kids Are, And We’re Laughing Out Loud” List. Appreciate it!