Hiking is a great activity for everyone. You can do it alone or with a group and almost in any weather. You can give yourself challenges (I’m currently doing the 100 hike challenge) or just do it for fun. It’s definitely my go-to activity and almost an addiction.

And the most common question people ask me is usually “What are your favorite hikes?” 

That can be difficult to answer as I’m always exploring and finding new places. But these are must go to when you’re in Georgia.


My Top 5 Favorite Georgia Hikes (for right now)

  1. Stone Mountain Trails. Lots of options here. I like to go up and down the mountain (2 miles) and then around the mountain (5 milles). You get to see many different areas and the views are always excellent. My favorite view is actually behind the mountain with the lake view. And if you’re not scared to hike at night, the night view at the top of the mountain is spectacular.
  2. Raven Cliff Falls Trail. If you love waterfalls, you’ll enjoy this one. The trail is easy and you walk next to a small flowing stream throughout and end at a waterfall.
  3. East Palisades Trail. This one is next to water too and also has a great view of the Atlanta skyline. And if you map it out right, you will end up at the Bamboo Forest (see picture above).
  4. Len Foote Hike Inn Trail. Definitely a fun one since you end up at the Hike Inn at the end! Lots of good views on the way there!
  5. Appalachian Trail. Any part of it in Georgia is pretty decent. My most recent hike is Woody Gap and Gooch Gap. Excellent views along the way and always nice hikers on it.

Enjoy! And make sure to follow Trail Etiquettes!