I took a 143 days off blogging between October and February. Between the birthdays, holidays, work, and hiking activities, I did not find any time or motivation.

But at 7am on this Saturday morning, I woke up to my little 4-year old wanting to want to hang out. Great. And then I woke up remembering how I was dreaming about blogging.

I get these from time to time. Dreaming about what I need to do.

And then I went on LinkedIn and saw a post about Mark Spain.

Seems like Mark Spain has been everywhere lately. So whatever he is doing, it must be working. And his “10 Habits to Kickstart Your Business” seems to be fitting and a good kick in the butt of what we need to do to be successful.

It’s not easy being a working mom.

It’s definitely not easy being an working mom and a blogger.

And if you’re reading this, then you must feel the same.

How do I manage?

I don’t. There are days where I stay at work late. There are days where I order take out. And there are days where I work, cook dinner, spend time with the kid, and blog. Those days are awesome.

So my “10 Habits to Be a Working Mom and a Blogger” includes Mark Spain’s 10 Habits as well. But to add to his list:

  1. Set monthly, yearly blogging goals. And write them down where you can see it. Even if it’s just writing one post a month, that’s awesome!
  2. Write about your interests. Don’t try to be something you’re not. Or else you will abandon your goals very quickly.
  3. Share your posts on social media. This is my most challenging task. Sometimes I just want to write and not share with everyone.
  4. Minimize your social media. I know this seems contrary to #3. But use what works for you. If Instagram is not for you, stick to Facebook, etc. KIS is always my motto. ‘Keep It Simple’
  5. Spend time and money on a theme. I probably spend way too much time on themes and I’m still not 100% satisfied. But you do want to have a theme that you’re comfortable with and actually *enjoy* looking at.
  6. Include your family in your post. I used to be very hesitant about this but it was nice writing about them. And even if you don’t want to write about them, let them take a look at what you wrote.
  7. Learn to be flexible. I was planning to post this yesterday but life and dinner got in the way, so here I am writing and posting it a few days later.
  8. Do your research. There are a lot of other mom blogs out there, read them and find something to write about that reflects about YOU.
  9. Write about your struggles. Being a working mom and blogger has many many challenges. Write about them. It’s therapeutic.
  10. Push Yourself. Every successful blogger has pushed themselves to stand out. There are days where you don’t want to write but still do.

Good luck! I still struggle every year with each blog that I start and hope that it does well.