This post is way late! I was supposed to do it last October but life got in the way. (More to come on that) I am very impressed with the Color Street Nails. My dear friend Sophia at Color Street introduced me to this last year.

They cost anywhere from $12-$15 and I have actually been able to use each package at least twice. But it depends on how big your nails are and I usually like to keep mine short.

They are very easy to apply – might take a few times to get used to it but I can usually be done in under 30 mins. And sometime I will double layer them to make it stand out even more.

They also come off easily so no need to mess up your nails. Just soak them in nail polish remover and they peel right off.

SNS or Dip Powder nails are still my fave but those are much more costly so Color Street is definitely a good option!