I’m extremely disappointed in the new iPhone 11 line up. White/Black/Green/Yellow/Purple/Red. For a phone that has “Pro Camera. Pro Display. Pro Performance.” they left out the Rose Gold Color! I can’t think of anyone who wants a bright yellow iPhone! For $1,000+ a phone, they should allow you to choose any color you want! Color is everything. You should know better Apple!

Last year’s iPhone X had White/Black/Blue/Yellow/Red/Coral. Coral is NOT pink. Supposedly it’s a “reddish or pinkish shade of orange” (Wikipedia). It’s the wannabe-annoying-cousin.

iPhone 8 had Space Gray/Silver/Gold.

iPhone 7 was the last one that had Rose Gold. I don’t even know why they have to be all fancy and call it Rose Gold…Pink sounds just fine.

I trust that Apple will do better next year.

Photos Courtesy of Apple.com